Our Business Analysis Consultants help companies discover major or minor problems that may exist within the infrastructure and conduct changes to help decipher the issues. The main goal of our businesses analysis service is to make sure that your business assets are utilized in projects which will bring the most profit possible. In addition, we aim to show you with analytics and follow these assets throughout the duration of the project so you clearly comprehend how we are measuring the positive outcome.

Demands & Challenges

Sharing information is usually like pulling teeth. Since our sessions with business users are focused consultations or workshops it takes a lot of effort to get users to reveal data which of course makes our jobs even more difficult. On the other hand, we have business people who overload us with files and information and when this happens it takes hours to go over documents. As you can see the challenge is real.

Inconsistent attendance in the sessions set us back and causes confusion. When a key staff member skips out on a few of our focused workshops they tend to lost track of where we are in the curriculum and begin to change things that were on pause while they were away. Another issue is when users rotate and miss important sessions and come back lost.

Impact of the Challenges

Challenges can lead to miscommunication between teams within the business and as we all know can be a disaster. On top of that, a business may acquire technology solutions that simply will not have an impact on profits because. This could possible raise cost and time during a project. Overall a business could experience efficiency problems and effect overall performance.

This assurance usually happens when changes are proposed by a different department. Since the C-Level did not create the change they have zero interest in attending. From our end of the spectrum, all we can do is specify the importance of the sessions and relay that to the top. We have zero control of what a business user does so like we said we are looking for companies that are motivated to improve. The ball is essentially in their court.

When you work with Ampz Consultants we will take control of are focused sessions or workshops and that is the bottom line. This is why we pick our clients carefully and need them to understand that change is part of what we do. This may scare some users because they have been doing things the same way for decades. If we can open their minds the result is always a good one. Not knowing why a certain process is being executed is not okay and that’s why we get resistance from business users. We shine the light on the inefficiencies.

As we work together these issues begin to get worked out gradually depending on how much hindrance we encounter but once we acquire a users confidence it’s smooth sailing. In our encounters, this usually takes two to three sessions to break that barrier.